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Fabric > Northcott

108" Wideback

12 Joys of Christmas

A Little Birdie Told Me FLANNEL by Deborah Edwards

Across the Universe by Deborah Edwards

All About Autumn


Arctic Friends FLANNEL

Arctic Snow

Arctic Wonders by Barbara Lavallee

Artisan Spirit Ambience by Deborah Edwards

Artisan Spirit City Scene

Artisan Spirit Dreamscapes by Ira Kennedy

Artisan Spirit Expressions by Deborah Edwards

Artisan Spirit Floral Fantasy by Imogen Skelley

Artisan Spirit Imagine

Artisan Spirit Ocean Tides by Deborah Edwards

Artisan Spirit Serendipity by Karen Sikie

Artisan Spirit Shimmer by Deborah Edwards

Artisan Spirit Shimmer Echoes by Deborah Edwards

Artisan Spirit Strokes of Brilliance by Deborah Edwards

Artisan Spirit The Road Home by Ira Kennedy

Artisan Spirits and Scapes

Atlantic Shore

Autumn Village by Charles Wysocki

Autumn Woods by Elizabeth Golz Rush

Baby Safari by Carine Gardner

Beautiful Blossoms

Bee Kind by Jade Mosinski

Belle Provence

Best Tree on the Lot by Ingrid Slyder

Bird Song by Lorraine Ryan

Bliss Bold and Bright

Botanica by Michel Design Works

Botanical Blues by Tracy Sims

Bouquet by Michel Design Works

Bow Wow by Cheri Strole

Briarwood by Michel Design Works

Brush Strokes by Banyan Batiks

Budding Romance

Bunny Love by Louise De Masi

Bunny Patch FLANNEL

By the Sea by Deborah Edwards

Call of the Wild FLANNEL by Kathy Goff

Canadian Classics by Deborah Edwards

Canadian Classics II by Deborah Edwards

Canvas 108" Wideback by Deborah Edwards

Canvas by Deborah Edwards

Canyon Creek by Nina Djuric

Cardinal Woods by Deborah Edwards

Catch of the Day by Paul Brent

Chelsea by Michel Design Works


Christmas Delivery Featuring the Art of Ruth Saunderson

Christmas Traditions

Christmas Wish by Thomas Wood & Deborah Edwards

Christmas Woodland by Kathryn Christensen

Coastal Christmas by Lynnea Washburn

Cock-A-Doodle-Doo by Deborah Edwards


Colorworks Concepts 2

Colorworks Concepts by Deborah Edwards

Colorworks Solid Flannel by Deborah Edwards

Connector Playmats 2 by Deborah Edwards

Construction Zone by Kim Peers-Moore

Cosmic Universe by Kim Peers-Moore

Country Pastimes by Abraham Hunter

Covent Garden by Deborah Edwards

Cravings by Deborah Edwards

Day Dreams - Naturescapes by Abraham Hunter

Double Decker Christmas by Karen Tye Bentley

Dream Weaver by Deborah Edwards

Dublin by Deborah Edwards

Eagle Pass

Enchanted by Jackie Von Tobel

Enchanted Forest by Hilltop Designs


Essential Basics

Ever After by Bryony Clarkson

Fantasy Forest by Kimberly Anderson

Farmers Market by Deborah Edwards

Feathered Friends by Deborah Edwards

FIGO Desert Wilderness by Boccaccini Meadows

FIGO Lucky Charms

FIGO Sea Botanica by Sarah Gordon

FIGO Special Delivery by Lemmoni

Fragrance by Deborah Edwards


Fresh Catch by Paul Brent

Frosted Woodland by Deborah Edwards

Full Bloom by Deborah Edwards

Geisha by Deborah Edwards

Girls of the World

Give Thanks

Glam Girl

Good Morning Sunshine

Great Plains by Nina Djuric

Happy Halloween

Harbor Reflections by Norm Olson

Harlow by Deborah Edwards

Harmony by Cheri Strole

Heartland Home

Hello World by Florence English

Heritage Quilting by Kim Norlien

Home for the Holidays by Deborah Edwards

Hometown Hockey by D.R. Laird

Hurry Up Santa by Justine Kimmer

Island Sun by Teri Farrell-Gittens

Jive Cats

Jolly Old St. Nicholas by Larry Jones

Journey by Melanie Samra

Kabuki by Deborah Edwards

Ketan by Banyon Batiks

Ketan Multi by Banyon Batiks

Ketan Pre-Cuts

Kilts & Quilts by Patience Griffin


Lakeside Lodge FLANNEL by Deborah Edwards

Lavender Fields

Letterpress by Deborah Edwards

Liberty Ride by Greg Giordano

Little Genius by Deborah Edwards

Little Mermaids by Deborah Edwards

Little Princess by Deborah Edwards

Magdalena - Stonehenge by Sue Sherman

Majestic by Deborah Edwards

Material Girl by Nina Djuric


Mermaid Wishes by Deborah Edwards

Migratory Pursuit by D.R. Laird

Moose Lake by D.R. Laird

Morning Glory - Shimmer by Deborah Edwards

Morning Song - Digital by Rosemary Millette

Mountain Springs by Deborah Edwards

Muse by Kimberly Anderson

My Home State by Jetty Home


Naturescapes Beyond the Forest by Norther Promotions

Naturescapes Black Bear Adventure

Naturescapes Canada Goose by Paul Twitchell

Naturescapes Flannel by Deborah Edwards

Naturescapes Friends of the Forest by Kevin Daniel

Naturescapes Heading for cover by Terry Doughty

Naturescapes High Ridge Crossing by Terry Doughty

Naturescapes Kotiya by Phillip Allder

Naturescapes Loon Lake by James Megar

Naturescapes Pleasant Pastures by Caroline Cook

Naturescapes Resting Point by Terry Doughty

Naturescapes Solitary Sentinel By Terry Doughty

Naturescapes The Sly Fox by Abraham Hunter

Naturescapes Unbridled by Victoria Schultz

Naturescapes When Push Comes to Shove by Al Agnew

Night Life by Deborah Edwards

Nine Lives

Noah's Ark by Jay Zinn

North Ridge FLANNEL by Lynnea Washburn

Northern Solitude by Jay Kemp

O Christmas Tree by KarenTye Bentley

Old Time Christmas by Elizabeth Brownd

On Freedom's Wing by Rick Kelley

On the Green by Deborah Edwards

Orchids in Bloom by Michel Design Works

Outdoor Adventures FLANNEL by Deborah Edwards

Paris...Always A Good Idea


Peacock Paradise ll by Deborah Edwards

Pheasant Run - Naturescapes by Rosemary Millette

Pine Valley by Terry Doughty

Polar Frost by Richard Macneil

Polar Pals

Pony Express by Deborah Edwards

Power Play


Pumpkins for Sale by Tom Wood

Radiance by Deborah Edwards

Raven's Claw by Andrea Tachiera

Rejoice by Janet Stever

Rod & Reel by Deborah Edwards

Rodeo Roundup by Cheri Strole

Route 66

Santa Claus is Coming to Town by Elizabeth Brownd

Santa's Helpers by Jason Kirk

Santa's Surprise by Elizabeth Brownd

Seafood Shack by Kathy Hatch

Shadows by Banyon Batiks

Shattered Garden by Banyan Batiks

Shibori by Banyan Batiks

Shimmer by Deborah Edwards

Shimmer Dragonfly Moon by Jill McCloy w/Textures from Deborah Edwards

Shimmer Koi Pond by Karen Sikie

Shimmer Radiance by Deborah Edwards

Shimmer Wideback by Deborah Edwards

Shiver Me Whiskers by Tracy Ann Hermann

Shore Thing by Lynnea Washburn

Silhouette by Ro Gregg

Silver Moon - Naturescapes by James Meger

Simply Neutral

Simply Neutral Wide Backing

Snowy Owl by Jerry Gadamus

Songbird by Sue Beevers

Sophisticate Classic Taupe by Ro Greeg Classic

Sophisticate Vintage Rose by Ro Gregg

Stag & Thistle by Bret Lewis

Stonehenge 108" Wideback

Stonehenge A Stitch in Time 2018 by Deborah Edwards

Stonehenge A Stitch in Time by Deborah Edwards

Stonehenge Canyon Ridge

Stonehenge Deerhurst by Linda Ludovico

Stonehenge Earth Rhythms by Linda Ludovico

Stonehenge Gold Leaf by Linda Lucovico

Stonehenge Gradations Bright by Linda Lucovico

Stonehenge Gradations by Linda Ludovico

Stonehenge Gradations Graphite by Linda Ludovico

Stonehenge Gradations Mixers by Linda Ludovico

Stonehenge Gradations Mystic by Linda Ludovico

Stonehenge Gradations Ombre 108" Wideback by Linda Ludovico

Stonehenge Gradations Ombre by Linda Ludovico

Stonehenge Haiku by Deborah Edwards

Stonehenge Joy to the World by Linda Ludovico

Stonehenge Kids Undersea 3D by Linda Ludovico

Stonehenge Maplewood by Helen Knott w/ Linda Ludovico

Stonehenge Mighty Pines

Stonehenge Monogram by Deborah Edwards

Stonehenge Mountain Vista by Linda Ludovico

Stonehenge Mountain Wilderness by Linda Ludovico

Stonehenge Oakwood by Helene Knott

Stonehenge Old Glory by Linda Ludovico & Deborah Edwards

Stonehenge Out of this World by Linda Ludovico

Stonehenge Pink Ribbon by Linda Ludovico

Stonehenge Prehistoric by Linda Ludovico

Stonehenge Primitives by Deborah Edwards

Stonehenge Rainbow Coordinates by Deborah Edwards & Linda Ludovico

Stonehenge Rainforest Romp by Linda Ludovico

Stonehenge Reindeer Prance by Deborah Edwards

Stonehenge Savanna by Linda Ludovico

Stonehenge Skins by Sunshine Cottage

Stonehenge Solstice by Linda Ludovico & Deborah Edwards

Stonehenge Stars & Stripes by Linda Ludovico & Deborah Edwards

Stonehenge Stars & Stripes FLANNEL by Linda Ludovico & Deborah Edwards

Stonehenge Stars & Stripes VI by Linda Ludovico & Deborah Edwards

Stonehenge Stars & Stripes VII by Linda Ludovico & Deborah Edwards

Stonehenge Stars & Stripes VIII by Linda Ludovico & Deborah Edwards

Stonehenge Stary Night 2 by Linda Lucovico

Stonehenge Wild Horses by Linda Ludovico

Stonehenge Woodland by Linda Ludovico

Sugar & Spice by Karen Tye Bentley

Sunny Daze by Janet Stever

Sweet Land of Liberty by Thomas Wood & Deborah Edwards

Sweet Things by Jackie Von Tobel

Swept Away by Deborah Edwards & Melanie Samara

Take a Gander by Jim Killen

The Joys of Spring by Abraham Hunter

The Magic of Christmas by Elaine Maier

The View From Here

The View From Here 2

Tiger Tales

Timberland by Robert May

Toscana by Deborah Edwards Northcott Studio

Toscana FLANNEL by Deborah Edwards

Toscanna Flannel Wide Backing by Deborah Edwards

Town and Country by Charles Wysocki

Tranquil Moments - Naturescapes by Rick Kelley

Up On a Rooftop by Karen Tye Bentley

Urban Elementz by Patricia E. Ritter

Urban Reflections by Edward Selkirk

Vintage Christmas by Melanie Samra

When Eagles Soar by D.R. Laird

Whispering Pines by Melanie Samra

White Sands - Digital by Melanie Samra

Wicked by Nina Djuric

Wild and Free by Laurie Snow Hein

Winter Birds by Parker Fulton

Winter Magic by Deborah Edwards

Winter Village by Charles Wysocki

Woodland Pitter Patter by Nina Djuric

Woodland Winter by Elaine Maire

You Had Me at Meow by Florence English

You Had Me At Wine by Deborah Edwards

You Had Me at Woof by Florence English

Zoometrix by Deborah Edwards


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