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Shipping and Handling

Flat Rate envelopes the price is  $7.95 and the Medium Flat Rate Boxes (hold 31 yards) I charge $16.50 for and the Large FRB is $19.50 (hold 55-60 yds)

The website will automatically assign a fixed shipping cost, which is often incorrect - I will readjust when I run your credit card through.

For International customers I use the Priority Flat Rate Envelope and Legal Flat Rate Envelope which is now $27 for Canada and $38 for the rest of the world which I can fit up to 11 yards of regular cotton, or 4 yards of flannel, 3 yds of wide back OR 2 yards of minkee...For the flat rate medium box shipping cost is now $50 for Canada and $75 for the rest of the world, and the Large FRB is $60 for Canada and $99 Worldwide.

Once orders are shipped via USPS, Over the Rainbow is not responsible for any delays in shipping and once the package is marked as delivered we are not responsible if the package is lost or stolen.

 Due to the variety of items I carry in addition to fabric (ceramics, puzzles, tote bags, etc...) it's difficult to accurately predict the shipping cost until the order is processed.

Please know my goal is NOT to make money on shipping, but to cover my actual costs and not lose money! Orders are typically shipped out within 1 - 2 business days.

Orders Up to $12
Orders $12.01 - $65.00 $7.95
Orders $65.01-99.99 14.00
US Orders $100 + $0

International rates will be charged direct costs.
$27 for Canada via Priority Legal Flat Rate International.
$38 for everywhere else via Priority Flat Rate or Legal Flat Rte International Envelope
I can fit 5 yards of flannel or
11 yards of regular cotton or
2 yards of Minkee in the flat rate envelopes.
The Legal Flat Rate Envelope  can fit up to 11 yards of Cotton! What a value!
USPS now has an Priority Flat Rate Box as well - $50 for Canada and $75 for the rest of the world. The new Large Game Box is $60 for Canada and $99 for the rest of the world.
For orders larger than will fit in the Flat Rate envelopes cost is exact fee and I will let you know after your order is cut and weighed. Sending increments of 8-11 yards via the flat rate envelope is the most cost efficient.
We will always adjust the shipping cost to match the actual shipping and will send an email w/ the adjusted amount since the website will assign shipping by amount.
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